Stronger & Leaner at age 45 (case study with video)

First off, big thank you to my client Mike Mclain for letting me share his results from his programming.

Mike contacted me several months ago about designing a program for him that would accomplish 3 main things:  (1) get stronger for the Starting Strength Classic 2016 Spring Meet,  (2) get leaner / lose body fat  (3) develop a better looking physique as to “instill a little more fear into my daughter’s potential suitors.”

As a father of a daughter myself, I share his desire to keep the boys at a distance for as long as possible!

As an over-40 lifter, I followed a couple of guidelines for Mike when setting up his programming.  First, I wanted him to train a 4-day week in a split routine.  At his age and strength, I didn’t think full body workouts could be recovered from.

Second, I had him hit each lift twice per week, but only once heavy.  The second session of the week was a light day.  The exception to this was the deadlift, which I only had him hit once per week.  Recovery is key after 40 and too heavy too often will kill long term progress.

Third, I set up a rotation of rep ranges each week.  As we were many months out from the strength lifting meet, we needed something for long term use.  The best way to ensure that the same template can be utilized for month after month with little to no modification is to switch the target rep ranges each week.  This will prevent burnout and avoid stagnation.  Since Mike was training for a meet we rotated between sets of 5, sets of 3, and singles across each week.

Last, I kept the volume of the main heavy barbell work moderate in volume – never more than 3 sets of 5 reps for the main work sets.  And this only occurred once every 3 weeks.  Older lifters are volume sensitive.  Overtraining is easy with excessive volume.  Also, I wanted to build in some room for a little added hypertrophy work for the lats, traps, biceps, triceps, and chest.

Using these guidelines we came up with a program that worked.  At the Starting Strength meet this spring Mike hit some impressive numbers with a 495 Squat, a 240 Press, and a 565 Deadlift.  All with a little room left in the tank.

Here’s a few vids from the meet:

Even more impressive Mike hit these numbers WHILE LOSING WEIGHT!!!

We started the program at 277 lbs and ended at 262 lbs.  At the beginning, Mike was struggling to button his size 38 jeans, but by the end of the program he had room to spare in his 36s.

The weight loss came through the diet which I designed to go along with the lifting plan.  My diets are simple.  4 meals per day, no calorie counting.  Just start with portion sizes and adjust from there.  Works every time.

For Mike and his meet, we designed a fully custom program based off a detailed questionnaire.  And it was expensive.  Fully custom anything always is.

However, for a lot of you reading this, you don’t actually need “fully custom.”  You just need a plan.  Something to follow that can be tweaked to your needs.  I know there are a lot of you that are guilty of Chronic Program Hopping….and we could probably fix this if you had a blueprint to follow that made sense.

Mike got some great results with the program I designed for him.  It wasn’t anything revolutionary or so sophisticated and complex that no one else could possibly follow it.  In fact, it was pretty basic.  My guess is that there are ALOT of 30, 40, 50, and 60 something year old guys out there who could benefit from the exact same program.

The program is an intermediate level program.  Anyone who can progress about once per week can utilize this program.  The program is set up for a combination of strength and muscle mass(hypertrophy).  The program includes a diet that is meant to lean you out.

I have taken the original programming document that I emailed to Mike several months ago and scrubbed it of all his original data.  I have left the skeleton of the program in place along with the detailed set of instructions on how to manipulate the variables.  And I have made this available to anyone who wants it as a “semi-custom” program for you to follow.

I am charging a fraction of what I charged for the original custom template.  Literally a fraction.  If you want a great program that works, grab it now.  Just $25.00




2 Responses to Stronger & Leaner at age 45 (case study with video)

  1. HeavyD says:

    Very Nice Andy. Just downloaded the program.
    It is cut & dry. Nothing complicated to understand.
    Thank you for not making it a 150 page PDF filled with gibberish; Although I would never expect that from you.

    Thanks Again

  2. Shaun says:

    Good write up andy what a beast. Quick question with singles across would you only do this set up with meet prep and just stick to sets of 3-8 in off season?

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