What our clients say....

Todd Acton

I have added 60 lbs to my squat, 40 lbs to my deadlift, 45 lbs to my bench press, and 50 lbs to my press.  

Dr. Joseph M. Costello

After just a few conversations Andy devised a custom strength program that allowed me to reach my goals and fit into my busy lifestyle. Since beginnning the program I have made solid gains in strength and size. I have been very impressed with Andy’s knowledege and am sincerely thankful for his help.

John Petrizzo


I can honestly say that the decision to reach out to Andy has been the best decision I have ever made in regards to my training.  Since contacting Andy, I have gained around twenty pounds of body weight while making significant progress in all of my lifts.

Markus Wyss

Thanks for such a great strength program for this former Crossfitter.  I finally have a strength program that makes sense and is giving me the gains I want.  I have added 70 lbs to my squat in just 12 weeks.  You advice has been a tremendous help in my training.

David Kennedy

Andy is a coach who really knows his stuff and stands by his clients to help them in any way he can.  Give Andy a call if you are ready to take your strength and conditioning to another level.  I’m setting new PR’s every week – are you?

Patrick Stahl

I’m disappointed that I didn’t discover Andy earlier in my training career. Instead of wasting time and not making any progress, I have a program that is effective and efficient. Andy tailored a program that fits my schedule. His advice is helpful and practical and I recommend his programs to anyone looking to get stronger.

David Bradley

I can’t recommend working with Andy enough. When working with Andy, I always feel like I’m working with a caring expert professional. He’s more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve ever trained with.  This guy has the knowledge and touch to train elite athletes,  your grandmother, and everyone in between.  I’ve gotten everything I wanted and more.

Intermediate Programs

Stronger & Leaner at age 45 (case study with video)

First off, big thank you to my client Mike Mclain for letting me share his results from his programming. Mike contacted me several months ago about designing a program for him that would accomplish 3 main things:  (1) get stronger for the Starting Strength Classic 2016 Spring Meet,  (2) get leaner / lose body fat  (3)Continue Reading

Alternating Rung Method

The manipulation of sets, reps, and weight increments is probably one of the most confusing and tedious aspects of effective programming for strength training. However, as I often tell my clients “the devil is in the details.” This is one of the great challenges of programming.  And the devilish details are the subject of thisContinue Reading

The Body Builders’ Cure

For almost anyone reading this article, they will have, at some point, been bitten by the bodybuilding bug.  That does not necessarily mean that one has any aspirations to step onto a competitive stage. Body building in this sense simply denotes that the trainee had some aspiration to build a better physique along with anyContinue Reading

Strategy: Rotating Rep Ranges

The following article was based off of a coaching call I did with one of my clients, John, just last night.  John is a strong late intermediate trainee who has built a 500+ Squat, 600+ Deadlift, and a 350 Bench Press.  In the past, John has made significant progress with very basic intermediate level programming. Continue Reading

5 Ways to 5×5

Most of us recognize that doing 5 sets of 5 reps – 5 x 5 – is an incredibly powerful method of getting big and strong. The method is an absolute staple of many of the programs laid out in Practical Programming for Strength Training, 3rd edition. The 5-rep set is right in the “metabolicContinue Reading

Article for RxMuscle.com

Follow the link below to get HUGE using the Heavy-Light-Medium system! Post your thoughts to the comments section on their site if you like the content!  http://www.rxmuscle.com/strength-articles/10230-heavy-light-medium-for-mass-an-old-method-for-new-gains.html?hitcount=0

K.I.S.S. Training Program

We all fall victim to it.  Over complicating our strength training programs.  One expert on the internet says “X” and just a click away, another expert says “Y”.  Both sound like great ideas, both guys are respected coaches, and both have plenty of strong athletes under their tutelage.  For many of us the result canContinue Reading

Simplifying the Heavy-Light-Medium Training System – Part 3: Pulling

As with the squatting and pressing program, Starr’s basic template in The Strongest Shall Survive, called for just one pulling exercise to be done each week – the power clean.  Like the squats and bench presses, power cleans were to be done for 5×5 arranged in a heavy-light-medium sequence throughout the week.  Supposing I wasContinue Reading

Simplifying the Heavy Light Medium System – Part 2: Pressing

(Note to reader – this article was originally intended to be broken into just 2 parts.  However, to make the content more digestible, I have decided to draw it out into 3 parts). In Bill Starr’s text, The Strongest Shall Survive, the basic pressing program was laid out much like the squatting program – aContinue Reading

Simplifying the Heavy Light Medium System – Part 1: Introduction & Squats

Simplifying the Heavy/Light/Medium System – Part 1:  Introduction & Squats As strength coaches, many of us were introduced to the concept of a “heavy-light-medium” training system by Bill Starr’s classic text The Strongest Shall Survive.  Starr introduces the concept as being borrowed from the 1930’s from Mark Berry, who was himself a national champion weightlifterContinue Reading

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