What our clients say....

Todd Acton

I have added 60 lbs to my squat, 40 lbs to my deadlift, 45 lbs to my bench press, and 50 lbs to my press.  

Dr. Joseph M. Costello

After just a few conversations Andy devised a custom strength program that allowed me to reach my goals and fit into my busy lifestyle. Since beginnning the program I have made solid gains in strength and size. I have been very impressed with Andy’s knowledege and am sincerely thankful for his help.

John Petrizzo


I can honestly say that the decision to reach out to Andy has been the best decision I have ever made in regards to my training.  Since contacting Andy, I have gained around twenty pounds of body weight while making significant progress in all of my lifts.

Markus Wyss

Thanks for such a great strength program for this former Crossfitter.  I finally have a strength program that makes sense and is giving me the gains I want.  I have added 70 lbs to my squat in just 12 weeks.  You advice has been a tremendous help in my training.

David Kennedy

Andy is a coach who really knows his stuff and stands by his clients to help them in any way he can.  Give Andy a call if you are ready to take your strength and conditioning to another level.  I’m setting new PR’s every week – are you?

Patrick Stahl

I’m disappointed that I didn’t discover Andy earlier in my training career. Instead of wasting time and not making any progress, I have a program that is effective and efficient. Andy tailored a program that fits my schedule. His advice is helpful and practical and I recommend his programs to anyone looking to get stronger.

David Bradley

I can’t recommend working with Andy enough. When working with Andy, I always feel like I’m working with a caring expert professional. He’s more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve ever trained with.  This guy has the knowledge and touch to train elite athletes,  your grandmother, and everyone in between.  I’ve gotten everything I wanted and more.

Andy’s Training Log

Recap: My 42-pound Weight Loss & Competition Results

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly This is an audio recap of why and how I dropped 42-lbs off my frame in 12 weeks and then competed in a Power lifting meet.   The mental and physical side of a hardcore diet and the effects it has on your strength training progress.  I layContinue Reading

Officially Reached 40 lbs of Fat Loss & Last Session

Bodyweight is currently 202.  Since I started April 13 at 242, I’m officially down 40 lbs in 12 weeks.   Meet is this Saturday so today was last training session.  Just took out a few light singles on the squat and bench.  No deads.   Squat:  5 x 135, 3 x 225, 1 x 275,Continue Reading

Last Week of Training Before Meet

As of Tuesday 6/30 I finally made 205 lbs.  That was the whole reason for doing the meet in the first place so I was happy that I finally saw that number.  I was a little less happy about the effect that the diet to get there had on my Squat workout Tuesday!  Energy wasContinue Reading

Mon 6/29: Last Heavy Bench Session

Tried to make today count with some good volume over 90%.  Weight is down to 207.0 (lowest of the whole cycle) and in actuality I’m probably at 205-206.  Holding just a bit of water.  Strength took another drop at this new weight and Bench felt heavy.  Pushed through it though, knowing I have deload nextContinue Reading

Thurs 6/25 – Fri 6/26: Speed & More Speed

Thurs 6/25 Speed Bench:   4 x 3 x 175,  3 x 3 x 155 (medium grip),  3 x 3 x 135 (close grip);  all sets with Doubled Mini-Bands Regular Paused Bench Press 4 x 4 x 315.  All reps with 2 sec pause Seated DB Press 5 x 8-12 Cable Pressdowns 3 x 15Continue Reading

Last Weeks’ Training Updates

Tuesday 6/16 Squats 5 x 5 x 315.  Done I had to take a light day last Tuesday.  I’m not sure what happened, but something turned a corner with the diet and my energy and strength and even mental attitude took a precipitous nose dive.  After my first warm up set at 135 I knewContinue Reading

Last 4 Sessions + Diet/Weight Update

Weight is down to 211.  Officially down 31 lbs.  Diet has been cycled every 2-3 days between 3 and 7 meals.  I can tell strength is fading, but I’m holding on with a death grip.  If I can just Squat 500, DL 500, Bench 350 at the meet I’ll be happy I guess.  Far fromContinue Reading

Mon 6/8 – Tues 6/9: Max Effort Bench + Speed Squat + Weight Loss update

Monday 6/8:  Max Effort Bench Paused Bench Press Warm Ups:  20 x 45,  5 x 135,  3 x 185,  3 x 225, 1 x 275,  1 x 315, 1 x 335 Work Sets (<90%):  1 x 355 (2ct pause),  1 x 365 (2ct pause),  1 x 375 (touch n go)  1 x 365 (2 ctContinue Reading

Repetition Bench Day & ME Squat Day + Weight Loss Update

Tuesday 6/2 Bench Press Warm Ups – 30 x bar,  10 x 135,  5 x 185,  3 x 225,  1 x 275,  1 x 305 Work Sets – 325 x 4 x 5 sets Press 175 x 8,  155×8,  135 x 10.  Short rest intervals between drops.  Massive pump in shoulders.  Have not done standingContinue Reading

Friday 5/29 – Speed Squat + Goodmornings

Energy was super low today and I could tell I was weak from the warm ups with 135.  I originally planned to do some volume 5s today on squat but knew that nothing meaningful was gonna get done with that protocol.  That’s the beauty of Dynamic Effort.  You can go light and still get somethingContinue Reading

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